Wave One - Rebroadcast Receiver

Wave One is the most complete rebroadcast receiver in the industry.

You can receive from any of the available inputs and output with Analog or Digital MPX and/or use the embedded DDS FM Modulator to drive an FM amplifier.

Wave One can optionally demodulate two DVB-S/S2 (up to 128kS/s) or Terrestrial (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb) signals with seamless switching between the receivers.

The equipment has an integrated RDS Coder and you can even set and decode a data PID from the Satellite stream.

Wave One integrates an Automatic Input Switch with Silence Detector.

You can create the MPX structure of the three available profiles by combining the various sources. The MPX structure is composed by Audio source, RDS source (from Analog/Digital MPX, satellite/terrestrial stream or locally generated) and additional service (e.g.: SCA/DARC).

MPX profiles

The embedded Oversampled Soft Clipper with band limiter allows the limitation of the modulation peaks without perceiving an annoying distortion effect, without interfering with the stereo, RDS/RBDS subcarriers and without decreasing the perceived audio volume.


  • Silence Detector with selectable thresholds and Automatic Switch with 3 priorities
  • Customizable Baseband profiles
  • Integrated Stereo and RDS Coders, FSK ID generation
  • Integrated Digital DDS Modulator with up to +20dBm output level
  • Integrated Audio Processor as option
  • L/R, Analog MPX, AES/EBU (up to AES192 for MPX over AES) input
  • Integrated FM Receiver with signal analysis
  • AES67, Web Radio and MPXoverIP input
  • Analog MPX and Digital MPXoverIP output
  • Satellite and/or Terrestrial receivers as option
  • CAM Slot for encrypted signal as option
  • ASI input/output as option
  • 10MHz, 1pps input or GNSS receiver for SFN operation
  • uSD card reader for audio backup
  • Test tone generator
  • Headphones Jack on front panel for local monitoring of the Audio Signal
  • User friendly local control with on-board display
  • Remote monitoring and control via WEB GUI, SNMP
  • 3G/4G Router with SMS notifications up to 7 phone numbers and VPN support.
  • Remote Firmware upgrade available
  • Redundant power supply as option
  • 19” 2U Rack chassis


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