High Power DDS FM Transmitters - 10kW to 20kW

The Wave Series of High Power FM Transmitters is the ultimate in technology, quality and performance in the Broadcast industry; it is designed to take advantage of the excellence of the digital modulation systems to generate FM emissions.

The Wave Series brings together the extreme efficiency and reliability of amplifiers with state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Main Features

  • Digital processing with DDS modulator
  • Input: Analog mono/stereo, MPX, AES/EBU, FM tuner, Micro SD card, SAT/DTT receiver
  • GPS/Glonass synchronizer for SFN Networks
  • Advanced Efficiency Boost function to self-optimize the key parameters to achieve the maximum efficiency without any retuning
  • Wave Plan functions to fit your power consumption according to your audience
  • Static and dynamic RDS coder
  • Intuitive local and remote control with integrated display, Web server, SNMP
  • Environmental EffiSense sensors for predictive maintenance
  • Up to 5 years warranty


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